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Vexila African first: 765 kV composite insulator

South Africa, Pietermaritzburg: Vexila has confirmed successful development of its very own 765 kV composite long rod insulator of African origin.

The impressive new product, rated at 300 kN and in excess of 6.6 m in length, was developed, designed and manufactured by the Vexila team in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. The company has completed a rigorous technical evaluation and type testing programme based on IEC standards at various internationally certified laboratories.

Vexila CEO, Gary Whalley, states: “This achievement places us in a niche, capable of addressing 765 kV infrastructure needs in high pollution, vandal-resistant, low maintenance environments and underscores our innovation and ingenuity in addressing our customers’ needs.”

Vexila is an African OEM manufacturing company, its intellectual property addressing an extensive catalogue of products. The company manufactures its high-quality products at its South African factory from where its global distribution reach delivers them to its customers in Africa and around the world.

After years of engineering development work and relying on a technologically skilled team, Vexila has demonstrated its ability to provide innovative solutions in the low, medium and high voltage sectors. As African pioneers of electrical power transmission and distribution solutions, the company is one of the largest composite insulator manufacturers and the only manufacturer of high voltage composite insulators in Africa.

In addition to composite insulators, Vexila also designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of composite cut-outs and a variety of line hardware products for electrical rail, transmission and distribution overhead power line infrastructure. The company also offers a complete string assembly solution, including hardware components as well as composite insulators, tested and now qualified up to 765 kV system voltage levels.


Source: ESI Africa