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WEG supplies product package in Brazil

Brazil: WEG contributes to the increase of renewable energy in the world, providing solutions for the segment, and expanding its market share at global level.

An example of this was a supply of step-up substations and transformer made to a multinational energy sector company for five solar and wind power plants of more than 962.7 MW.

The substations provided by WEG for these five projects are complete turnkey solutions including preliminary study about the project, definition of a customer-dedicated solution, project management, construction and assembly. For customer satisfaction, WEG counts of a qualified and trained staff with proven experience, having delivered and operated more than 430 substations at all voltage levels up to 550 kV.

In addition to complete and customized delivery, turnkey substations offer significant advantages such as interface with other products that WEG manufactures, such as HV switches, HV transformers, MV/LV oil and dry transformers, panels – control / protection and auxiliary services, cabinets – control / protection of feeder bays, monitoring system and generators.

According to ONS (Brazil´s electric grid operator), every transmission and power generation substation interconnected to SIN (National Interconnected System) system must include two energy sources for essential loads. So, in addition to substations and transformers, WEG has also supplied 69 kVA and 200 kVA, IP44 Degree of Protection synchronous alternators for these projects. The generator set will operate at an emergency / stand-by service duty to cover unexpected failures of power outages from the electricity grid, keeping in operation essential equipment such as computers, control monitoring systems, and control panels among other.


Source: WEG