Image source: WEG

WEG supplies vegetable oil transformer for environment protection

Brazil, Simão Filho: Manufacturing vegetable oil transformers proves WEG’s commitment to the environment.

Transformers insulated with vegetable oil are biodegradable and offer major benefits such as increasing the equipment lifetime and minimizing environmental impacts.

The company Power Engenharia, which is dedicated to providing engineering projects and services, just acquired a 5 / 6.25 MVA 69CST / 13.8 kV vegetable oil transformer to be installed at Bomix´s manufacturing facilities in Simão Filho, state of Bahia.

The company stated this as a very important supply, as it an evidence of WEG´s commitment and responsibility to the protection of the environment.

Scheduled to be delivered in June 2021, the transformer will be used by Bomix, a company that stands out in the injected and blown packaging industrial sector. The equipment was designed with compact size to allow easier installation.

Regarded as an excellent solution, the equipment will play a very important role in the plant’s substation, operating as a step-down transformer.

Source: WEG