Image source: Westrafo

Westrafo completes a primary power substation for Spain

Spain: Westrafo has been selected by a prestigious German EPC to provide two power transformers for a photovoltaic plant in Spain.

The transformers are of the nominal power of 23 and 15 MVA.

Westrafo has been selected not only for its technical proficiency but also because we managed to deliver and install the transformers on site in a truly short time. The commissioning of the transformers was highly successful.

Thanks to the recent investments, the company has also significantly increased the production capacity in the production of power transformers with a nominal power of 40 MVA and voltage class of 170 KV.

Included in the list of top highest growing companies in Italy and of the European energy companies for 2020, Westrafo is an established designer and manufacturer of power transformers and energy solutions. The company’s European headquarters are located in Vicenza, in the northeast of Italy.


Source: Westrafo