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What can we learn about being a woman in the predominantly male industry?

This live interview is the first one in the WiPE rubric of the Transformers Academy. It was conducted yesterday at 4 PM CET. The purpose of the WiPE rubric is to highlight some female colleagues with a significant impact in our industry in order to empower all women working in our field.

Our guest was Mrs. Senja Leivo and the interview is conducted by Mrs. Mazana Armstrong.

Mazana talked to Senja about her career as a woman in this predominantly male field. They also covered the following topics:

  • Transformer diagnostic and monitoring technologies that Senja works on
  • The most demanding projects that Senja participated in/on
  • How to attract young engineers to work in our industry – personal experiences
  • Membership in international technical organizations like CIGRE, how to get involved, what would be recommendations for younger?