Image source: Wilson Power Solutions

Wilson to supply DNO approved transformers

UK, Leeds: As Toshiba‘s exclusive UK partner, Wilson Power Solutions are now able to service UK network competitive connection projects utilising SSE, UKPN and SPEN approved transformers.

British transformer manufacturer Wilson Power Solutions has attained the ability to supply UK Distribution Network Operator (DNO) & iDNO approved ground mount unit type transformers on an 8-10 week lead time, with some units available now in stock.

Standard unit type transformers are available in 500 kVA, 800 kVA and 1,000 kVA and the firm are increasing the level of ex-stock transformers to meet the needs of the current market. In addition to the unit type transformers, Wilson has supplied super and ultra low loss amorphous metal core transformers to DNOs & iDNOS with a strategic focus to reduce transformer losses across their networks.

Wilson Power Solutions has over 73 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying transformers to the UK market. Pioneering in Wilson e3 amorphous distribution transformer, the UK’s most energy-efficient transformer, allows Wilson Power to provide the best products and solutions to its customers while keeping carbon reduction at the core of its business.


Source: Wilson Power Solutions