Wipe programme: Arune Pasukonyte unveils exciting projects in a live interview


Save the Date:

April 2nd at 2 PM CET! 

We’re thrilled to invite you to a captivating live interview featuring our special guest, Arune Pasukonyte from Cargill.

This marks the second installment of our new format of the WiPE scholarship programme designed to support women in the industry. Through Wipe scholarship programme, generously sponsored by CWIEME Events, we’re committed to fostering growth and opportunities for women professionals!


Join us as Arune unveils the exciting projects she’s currently spearheading and shares invaluable reflections, including:

➡️ Her inspiring journey of joining Cargill

➡️ Insightful reflections on industry trends and challenges

➡️ Work-life balance and gender diversity at Cargill

You can register here: