Women in Power Engineering – check out these amazing ladies and their contribution to the industry

WiPE (Women in Power Engineering) is a rubric of the Transformers Academy learning platform, aiming to highlight to the women of the significant impact in the transformers industry.

The rubric empowers women all over the world, working in this field, and it consists of live interviews. The editors of this rubric are Mazana Armstrong and Barbara Tomić Eterović and so far, the interviews were conducted with Vaisala’s Senja Leivo, Sruti Chakraborty from Seetalabs and Francesca Nucci from Comem.

While the interviews were held respectively, we have prepared a joint summary video of all the events which you can check here:


Each event lasts for about 45 minutes, so if you find this summary intriguing, feel free to visit our WiPE page and attend each of these videos.

Stay tuned and keep on learning!

Your TA team