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World’s first long-range wireless transmission project showcased at AEF

New Zealand, Cook Strait: EMROD has developed the world’s first commercially viable long-range, high-power, wireless power transmission as an alternative to existing copper line technology.

The Africa Energy Forum (AEF) will host a special presentation on 21 October at 9 a.m. (UK time) by EMROD CEO and founder Greg Kushnir, demonstrating the world’s first-ever long-range wireless transmission project, currently operating in New Zealand.

Emrod’s technology works by utilising electromagnetic waves to safely and efficiently transmit energy wirelessly over vast distances.

“Being able to transmit high-power electricity without any cables is game-changing for the continent. It means barriers to energy-access are smashed and Africa could be fully electrified within ten years. This is the technology millions of people have been waiting for,” said Simon Gosling, Managing Director at EnergyNet.

By significantly reducing infrastructure costs, Emrod’s technology has the capacity to support remote communities such as in Africa and the Pacific Islands by providing access to cheap, sustainable energy to power schools, hospitals and economies.

“The data is compelling. We are talking about a potential 50 % increase in sustainable energy uptake, up to 85 % reduction in outages and up to 65 % reduction in electricity infrastructure costs due to the Emrod solution,” said Kushnir.

The company has achieved strong interest from electricity distributors with Powerco, New Zealand’s second-largest distributor deciding to invest in a proof of concept of the technology currently operational.

Source: ESI Africa