Yunlu Advanced Materials-Pioneering the Era of Amorphous Materials: 120,000 tons amorphous material production base officially launches on 15 August 2024



Amorphous alloy is a new type of soft magnetic material, which has been widely used in the power distribution sector, distribution transformers with an amorphous core have a lot of advantages over CRGO: 80% no-load loss reduction, better harmonic resistance, longer life cycle, completely recyclable…

In recent years, Yunlu Advanced Materials has emerged as a leading enterprise in the field of amorphous materials, driven by its outstanding technology and a spirit of continuous innovation. Since the completion of its 100,000-ton production line in 2022, Yunlu Advanced Materials has been consistently leading the development of the amorphous materials industry.

Now, in just under two years. with the announcement of the addition of two new amorphous ribbon production lines, it heralds a further consolidation of its leading position in the amorphous domain. These two new amorphous ribbon production lines are set to be completed and put into operation in August 2024, which means Yunlu Advanced Materials will increase its production capacity to 120,000 tons. This substantial production base will not only enhance Yunlu Advanced Materials’ competitiveness in the amorphous materials market but will also bring more opportunities for innovation and development to the industry.

The ability of Yunlu Advanced Materials to continually break through lies in its relentless efforts in technological research and development, and manufacturing. As a leader in the field of amorphous materials, Yunlu Advanced Materials has a strong team of senior researchers and engineers who constantly explore lower loss material and production technologies, providing solid technical support for the company’s ongoing innovation. In the future, Yunlu Advanced Materials will constantly be forging ahead to create a better era of amorphous materials.

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