Educational programme

DGA illustration

DGA Course

Students will understand the new principle of the correct DGA diagnosis from an insight view of a chemist, users, and analyst on this field.

L2 Transformer Condition Assessment Course

This course will serve anyone who is invloved in the decision making processes in the transformers industry, substation management and to high-level tech experts such as foremen, job leaders, etc.
OLTC first lesson illustration

OLTC Course

This course is intended for engineers in operation and maintenance of power transformers, utility engineers, manufacturers of transformers, tap changers, substation configurations, test instruments, etc.

Transformer Oil Course

The first course on transformer oils with absolutely no commercial axe to grind since it is delivered by an independent professional consultant. This course is also the first of its kind to highlight and discuss most of the critical areas of interest to the targeted audience.
Transformer testing course - lesson #5

Transformer testing course

Learn about relevant standards, test and evaluation methods, and requirements for test equipment of no-load loss and current measurement of power transformers.