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Transformers Magazine, as the leading publication on transformers, implements advanced knowledge and market communication tools in the transformers business. We put great value on the Transformers Forum as the vital part of our communications strategy and the global platform for reliable and practically instant knowledge and expertise communication.

Both these platforms were created through the activity of several thousands of individuals and hundreds of leading companies and experts. Following the practices of knowledge and market communication, we now offer the Transformers Academy – an e-learning service.

Today, this type of service represents not only a useful learning tool, but also a great business feature, connecting you to the audience all over the world. Moreover, we are a specialised media and we understand both the field specifics and the latest communication requirements. Our materials are carefully selected, reviewed, approved and well received by the audience, and we continue the same practice with the Transformers Academy.

Similarly to the creation process of the magazine materials, we are able to support the presenters in the preparation, presentation and the follow-up of an e-lesson.

What does Transformers Academy offer?

The Academy offers webinar based e-lessons, carefully and systematically planned, developed and finally presented to the audience (attendees).

We have divided our e-lessons into two categories:

  • Educational lessons: presented topics give the participants a deep insight into the matter through an academic knowledge communication. Key takeaways equip the attendees with essential contemporary skills and competences.
  • Training lessons: attendees have a one of a kind opportunity to learn the specifics of a particular product or service, which is highly favorable for their own business improvement.

If the lesson’s author has created the programme in such a manner, you will be able to opt for the certification of achievement.

Why attend the Transformers Academy?

In every industry, changes are the only inevitable thing, and the transformers industry is not an exception. Transformers Academy is powered by the established platforms of Transformers Magazine and Transformers Forum. These three pillars make a powerful environment for learning and getting support in achieving your personal and corporate goals.

Our readers have been testifying for years about the uniqueness of our magazine’s content, as the one place to gather valuable insights into technology, business opportunities and other industry related information. In the same manner, we have carefully chosen the e-lesson authors, fully experienced in the topics they present. You – at the receiving end – will attend the session full of reliable information, leaving equipped with new knowledge and enriched with a fresh perspective on the old one.

Why host a session with the Transformers Academy?

Every successful company is successful for a reason: being busy all the time. So if you are swept by your duties and choking on obligations, we are here to help you communicate your domain expertise. We assist with material preparation, session planning and the additionals. Let us be your guide and support in showcasing the topic of your interest, in the right-here-right-now mode.

With our assistance, you will be able to use the unique features: polls, offers, screen sharing, handouts, etc. If this lingo is too foreign to you now, do not worry – we will be taking care of everything and ensuring the benefits of the entire process.

Are you interested?

Whether you want to host an e-lesson with us or attend a session, click the button!

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Wanna know more?

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Transformers Academy publishes academic courses and study programmes created by renowned experts from the field of transformers, as well as promotional training sessions for companies and institutions of the related work areas. The publisher is Merit Media Int. d.o.o., Setaliste 150. brigade 10, 10 090 Zagreb, Croatia. Published lessons do not represent the official position of Merit Media Int. d.o.o. Merit Media Int. d.o.o. is not responsible for the content. The responsibility for the content rests upon the authors, and the responsibility for ads rests upon advertisers. Manuscripts, photos and other submitted documents are not returned.
Publisher: Merit Media Int. d.o.o.

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