DGA Course - e-lesson #10

E-lesson: DGA Course – e-lesson #10: A non-commercial review of online DGA technologies on a dynamic market

Course: | Free Master’s level
Finally, the lesson most attendees asked for: Which online DGA techniques should you use and why? What is the most accurate, reliable, and carefree technology in the existent “jungle”?

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The lesson’s content is fully vendor-agnostic, but it is sponsored by SPECO.

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Would it be beneficial to acquire a DGA online device for my new/old transformer?

The lesson is designed for transformer users that possess or intend to buy an online DGA device, as well as for online DGA manufacturers, and everyone who wants to understand this dynamic market better. The entire session is purely technology-related and non-commercial. Bull points: existent DGA technologies applicable for DGA online, pros and cons of DGA in laboratory, portable and online. Is it worth and feasible to rely on DGA output in critical moments of a transformer life?

Forecasting of future detectors and industry direction for online monitors

Keywords: DGA online, portable DGA, Functionality & Reliability, Fuel cell, Spectrometry, GC

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