E-lesson: Chromium-free coatings for grain-oriented electrical steel

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The ban of chromium trioxide in the EU necessitates the producers of GOES to search for Cr-free alternatives. This e-lesson presents a possible solution.

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Attend to learn about:

  • Current EU legislation on Chromium trioxide and its derivatives
  • Main technical hurdles for Cr-free coatings for GOES
  • Our proposal for solution: clear and pigmented coatings

KeywordsCr-free, coatings, GO coating, electrical insulating varnishes, grain-oriented

Dr. Johann Schellenberg

Dr. Johann Schellenberg obtained his PhD in polymer chemistry in 2008.

He holds different positions at international companies, mainly in the field of electrical insulating materials.

Since 2017 , he is  a Technical Manager for Electrical Insulating Varnishes at Rembrandtin (Member of KANSAI HELIOS. Part of KANSAI PAINT.)

Dr. Johann Schellenberg


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