Contract management course – e-lesson #5: Elements of Contract Management and the task of the Contract Manager

E-lesson: Contract management course – e-lesson #5: Elements and tasks of contract management

The fifth e-lesson in the Contract management course in the transformer industry is also the second e-lesson to be hosted on the Intermediate level. You can save your seat for the session here.

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Key deliverables: 

Collaboration is the foundation of CM. The CM is required to work with and interact with internal and external parties and all levels throughout the organization.

The CM should be able to relate to and work with all when it comes to project implementation and execution.

Attend to learn about collaboration, communication, depth of business knowledge, negotiation skills, attention to detail and legal background, control, workflow management, lifecycle and compliance alerts, analytics etc.

Keywords: contract management, collaboration, communication, negotiation, legal background

Chris Gerber is a former Transformer OEM CEO with noticeable experience in transformer contracts and project manager. He has worked for and with some of the most noticeable transformer utilities in Africa, the Middle East and Europe as well as several transformer manufacturers in Europe over the last 15 plus years. His practical experience and insight offers a unique reflection on the world of the project and contract manager in the transformer industry. He is amongst others a former university lecturer in business management and holds degrees from the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and the VUB in Brussels, Belgium.

Chris Gerber

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