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E-lesson: Design of distribution transformers – e-lesson #5: Designing the electromagnetic function in a transformer (pt 1)

Course: Intermediate level

This is the fifth lesson in the DoDT course by Mario Salano, and a third one conducted on the Intermediate level. Here you can save your seat.

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About the lesson: Electromagnetic design of line frequency oil-filled distribution transformers with primary medium voltage

The author addresses the topic of the designing the transfer of electrical energy  from a circuit to another one with different voltages by an inductive coupling, starting from a short reflection of the design concept in engineering.

The focal point of the lesson is electromagnetic theory.

It will also set the stone for the future lessons and the topics covered there, such as temperature, insulation, short circuit etc.


Mario Salano

Mario Salano

Mr. Salano’s expertise in the field of power transformers comes from a well established engineering skills acquired in “Salano transformers”, renowned Italian company that manufactured line-frequency power transformers for Italian power utilities. While inheriting the company from his father, Sig. Mario Salano used his vast engineering skills and he managed to maintain the company in rough period of seventies, adding new technologies and novel approaches to traditional values and products of “Salano transformers”.

His current interests include high-efficiency distribution transformers, the impact of nonlinear loads on power transformers, novel materials for transformer cores and also high-frequency power transformers for the use in conjunction with power electronics topologies.

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