Design of power transformers - e-lesson #4 - illustration 850 x 400 - fundamentals of thermal design

E-lesson: Design of power transformers course – e-lesson #4 – Fundamentals of thermal design

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This is the fourth e-lesson in the Design of power transformers course, authored and hosted on basic level by Aleksandar Lojpur. Its content is fully vendor-agnostic, but it is sponsored by SGB SMIT GmbH. Here you can save your seat.

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As the official sponsor of this lesson, SGB SMIT GmbH will give their presentation during the live session. The content will also be visible once when the session is  available on demand.


Here is what you can expect to learn this time:

• Heat transfer
• Cooling methods
• Temperature rises
• Thermal image
• Indirect vs direct hot-spot measurements in the windings
• Transformer components exposed to heating

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