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E-lesson: DGA course – e-lesson #11: Analytical aspects: Gas-in-oil (GIOS) mixtures correct practice

Course: | Free Master’s level
In this session the author will describe the best methodology for verifying the accuracy and reliability of the DGA from laboratory, online and, portable devices.

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This session will be a closure off all the previous sessions.

Learn the importance of overall verification of all the processes of the DGA measurements for all devices and methods. The author will also describe the advantages of using a commercial gas in oil standards and its limitations. Key takeaways will be practical tips and the guidance for preparation of lab gas in oil standards

Keywords: gas-in-oil standards, calibration, accuracy, reliability

The session is sponsored by MTE, but the content is fully vendor-agnostic.

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Electroanalytical chemist, expert on oil test domain focus on dissolved gas analysis from planning, sampling, testing to diagnosis. Marius has a vast worldwide experience on all relevant aspects and debates them among the fellow experts around the globe. Enthusiast educator of scientific subjects

Marius Grisaru

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