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E-lesson: DGA Course – e-lesson #14: The future of DGA and alternative options. Health index of DGA.

Course: | Free Master’s level
This lesson deals with DGA for new oils, innovative methods, and health indexes. Here you can save your seat.

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Attend to learn about:

tips and tricks for developing your own DGA diagnosis method

unique DGA cases and personal intuitive diagnosis

– alternatives to classic DGA: synthetic thermal indicators; two examples

– artificial intelligence perspectives for DGA and transformer assessment

– health index for transformer assessment and the important missing factor

– interesting DGA cases.

The lesson’s content is fully vendor-agnostic, but it is sponsored by SPECO.

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Electroanalytical chemist, expert on oil test domain focus on dissolved gas analysis from planning, sampling, testing to diagnosis. Marius has a vast worldwide experience on all relevant aspects and debates them among the fellow experts around the globe. Enthusiast educator of scientific subjects.

Marius Grisaru

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