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    DGA course – e-lesson #2 – Sampling oil for DGA, consideration on frequencies and sampling safety aspects

    Image courtesy by Končar D&ST
    Course: Basic level

    Hosted by: Marius Grisaru / Free

    This is a #2 lesson of the DGA course hosted by Marius Grisaru. In this free live event the author will discuss and answer the most relevant questions from the audience of the second DGA e-lesson named Sampling oil for DGA (consideration on frequencies and sampling safety aspects). 



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    In this e-lesson we discuss and answer most relevant questions from the audience of the first DGA e-lesson.

    We also give the opportunity to attendees to ask specific questions on their own DGA cases.

    Further, we refer and discuss the results of the polls from the first e-lesson.

    Finally, we give the overview of the entire DGA course at TA.

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    Also, we recommend checking firewall settings with your network provider.

    To access the e-lesson, use the room link and the password provided in the confirmation email.

    About the author

    Marius Grisaru

    Marius Grisaru

    Chemist with expertise in insulating oil domain, focusing on dissolved gas analysis from sampling to diagnosing. Marius has a vast and worldwide experience on sampling, testing, order, diagnosing, and debating among fellow experts around the globe.

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