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E-lesson: DGA Course – e-lesson #5 – Gas extraction methodology for DGA

Course: Intermediate level

The most convenient method to preserve and prolong transformer life


Extraction of gases from different types of insulation oils by different processes is the most challenging and least researched process of DGA. For a reliable DGA, it is crucial to have a very good understanding of the nature and consequences of different processes and parameters.

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In this e-lesson you will learn how to adapt extraction method to sampling, measurement, transformer type, insulating oils type, how to monitor extraction efficiency by calibration, use of constant physical parameters, calculated parameters etc. We will also discuss reliability of each individual method and talk about important differences between IEC60567 and ASTM D3612.

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Academic education and experience in electronics and analytical chemistry
30 years of intense experience on transformer oil tests chain, from planning, sampling, diagnosing, recommendations and treatments; one of the first users of headspace DGA tests
Training and educating electrical staff on insulating matrix issues from a chemical point of view
Active member of relevant Working Groups of IEC, CIGRE, and a former member of ASTM
Sharing knowledge and understanding with the electrical community on Transformer LinkedIn Forum, and in Transformers Magazine from the first issue, in order to improve the insulating oil matters, especially DGA tests

Marius Grisaru

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