DGA Course - e-lesson #7 - 850 x 400 illustration

E-lesson: DGA Course – e-lesson #7 – Conducting and managing of DGA in addition to and as a part of a regular oil test

Course: Intermediate level

The seventh e-lesson in the DGA Course  - The recipe for a reliable laboratory, DGA users and laboratory managers

Save time, money and prevent critical failures by improving DGA and oil test bid requirements for oil offline tests. Beside the technical aspects, it is important to know how to conduct, coordinate and execute DGA tests.

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About this lesson:

  • Synchronizing DGA tests with transformer operation and other tests
  • Tips for preparing the most adequate DGA & oil tests bid for oil
  • How to correctly monitor the laboratory’s performances of a potential supplier
  • How to attractively present your laboratory’s capabilities to potential clients
  • Pros and cons of frequent switching of DGA test providers.
Marius Grisaru 300 x 300

Electroanalytical chemist, expert on oil test domain focus on dissolved gas analysis from planning, sampling, testing to diagnosis. Marius has a vast worldwide experience on all relevant aspects and debates them among the fellow experts around the globe. Enthusiast educator of scientific subjects.

Marius Grisaru

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