DGA Course - e-lesson #7 - 850 x 400 illustration

E-lesson: DGA Course – e-lesson #7 – A critical analysis of modern techniques for offline and online DGA measurements

Course: Master’s level

The seventh e-lesson in the DGA course  is hosted on Master's level and you can save your seat here.

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Main takeaways:

1. A brief description of DGA measurement techniques available today for offline and online DGA devices
2. A comparison and evaluation of major strengths and weaknesses – productivity, confidence, malleability

Marius Grisaru 300 x 300

Marius Grisaru

Electroanalytical chemist, expert on oil test domain focus on dissolved gas analysis from planning, sampling, testing to diagnosis. Marius has a vast worldwide experience on all relevant aspects and debates them among the fellow experts around the globe. Enthusiast educator of scientific subjects.

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