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E-lesson: DGA on transformer oil to protect your transformer

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Find out how DGA works and how it can be related to specific faults in a transformer.

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Like analyzing a human’s blood is a very strong method to evaluate the health of a person, DGA is the strongest method to analyse and evaluate the health of a transformer. Indeed, DGA can tell you whether there is a thermal or electrical problem in your transformer, but even processes like corrosion (due to water ingress) can be detected.

In this e-lesson it will be shown why DGA should be performed regularly on a transformer, how it works in brief and what the pitfalls are.

Finally the power of DGA will be demonstrated by several typical and practical examples. In these examples, the links between DGA-results and actual faults in transformers will be shown including how we came to that particular conclusion.

Patrick Van de Vondel

Chemical Engineer graduated in 1989. Working in the transformer business for more than 30 years (Pauwels, CG and NovAcec Services), I mainly worked as manager of the laboratories on all aspects of transformer oils and other insulation materials, including evaluation of transformers based on oil- and DGA-measurements.

Patrick Van de Vondel


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