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E-lesson: DGA round table

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World class DGA experts discuss the key questions about DGA for transformers

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The discussion will include:

– In-house DGA tests by a lab or a portable device: time and precision issues.

– Practice of DGA at emergency (after Buchholz alarm, online monitoring alarm, trip, any kind of alarm)

– Sampling issue, sealed syringes versus bottles and ampules; effects on accuracy

– Online DGA devices: one or two gases versus four or more gases; diagnostic, benefits for user (continue or stop the operation)

– Extraction and detection of gases: gas chromatography vs. spectroscopy, maintenance issues

– Interpretation and diagnosis: gas limits, the most accurate diagnostic method, the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools


KeywordsDGA, transformer, emergency, diagnosis, artificial intelligence, machine learning

Michel Duval

Michel Duval (IEEE M’78-SM’84-F’07-LF’12) received his BSc and PhD degrees in 1966 and 1970 respectively, and has worked for Hydro Quebec Institute of Research in Canada since 1970. He is known worldwide for his triangles and pentagons methods of DGA interpretation, among other accomplishments. In 2012, he received the IEEE Herman Halperin Electrical T&D Award, the highest award in the field, attributed by IEEE.

Michel Duval

Marius Grisaru 300 x 300

Marius Grisaru has a continuous experience in transformer oil testing, from sampling and testing in laboratories, to diagnosing and internal inspections. He specializes in the DGA technique as one of the veteran experts in DGA Working Groups. He has vast experience in transformer fault analysis, diagnostic testing of transformer components, research and development. In addition to holding lectures and having written many papers, Marius has been a permanent columnist of Transformers Magazine since the first volume and holds an educational course on DGA at Transformers Academy.


Marius Grisaru

Paul Griffin

Paul Griffin is a recently retired diagnostics expert on transformers and other electric apparatus. Formerly, he worked for Doble Engineering Company in various roles including that of the Vice President of Global Professional Services. He was responsible for materials testing laboratories, development of diagnostic test methods and application support. His experience includes 42 years of working with dissolved gas-in-oil analysis.

Paul Griffin

Fabio Scatiggio

Fabio Scatiggio has over 35 years of experience in Italian electrical utilities with power transformers, insulating materials, chemical analysis, and online sensors. He is currently working with A&A Fratelli Parodi as a senior specialist and with TCE Consultore as their technical advisor.

Mr. Scatiggio is a member of many IEC TC10 working groups and the convener of PT62975 (in-service natural esters). He is also a full member of CIGRE SC-A2 (transformers) and SC-D1 (emerging materials), the convener of JWG D1/A2.77 (liquid test on electrical equipment), as well as a senior member of IEEE.


Fabio Scatiggio

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