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E-lesson: DGA status & interpretation: navigate the standards through real cases

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The session proposes an innovative and simple approach to interpret and compare the latest DGA guidelines from IEEE, IEC and CIGRE. Here you can attend the recorded session.

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The session answers typical questions such as:

  • What is the DGA condition of my transformer?
  • What is the failure mode?
  • What standard shall I use?

A simpler DGA status based on four levels is defined and adapted to each guideline in order to have comparable results independently on the standard used.

A simple graphical method is also proposed to group all the available interpretation methods in a single chart, making the DGA result interpretation intuitive and immediate.

Both the interpretation chart and the DGA status are then used and validated through real cases , including those described in CIGRE TB771.

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•Received Electrical and Mechanical Engineering degree in 1996
•Transformer expert for transformer’s reliability, design improvement, monitoring and diagnostics.
•Professional life includes ZTR, ZTZ-Services, GE Kelman and Camlin Energy.
•member of CIGRE and IEEE transformer working groups
•Author and co-author of several technical papers and presentations

Anatoliy Mudryk


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