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E-lesson: DGA Course – e-lesson #1: The most efficient transformers maintenance method

Course: Basic level

DGA is the most popular test for power transformers. This is the first e-lesson in the DGA course by Marius Grisaru. Click the button to save your seat for the live broadcasting.

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We will briefly see how it became the most popular test, whether it is justified, the principle of the gas formation mechanism from a chemist’s point of view, and finally the significant changes that appear in the new version of IEEE and new CIGRE brochure. The changes will also influence the revision of IEC60599.

In this lecture, students will understand the new principle of the correct DGA diagnosis from an insight view of a chemist, users, and analyst on this field.

The presentation will clarify:
1. How and why DGA gained its popularity in our days. It has only occurred in the last two decades.
2. A concise summary of how DGA has technologically advanced throughout the last century.
3. What are the main principles of the previous approach for DGA diagnosis
4. What are the main developments for the new DGA diagnosis
5. A summary of existing devices for achieving DGA results, online, portable, and laboratory.
6. A brief review of the advantages and disadvantages.

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Marius Grisaru

Marius Grisaru

Academic education and experience in electronics and analytical chemistry
30 years of intense experience on transformer oil tests chain, from planning, sampling, diagnosing, recommendations and treatments; one of the first users of headspace DGA tests
Training and educating electrical staff on insulating matrix issues from a chemical point of view
Active member of relevant Working Groups of IEC, CIGRE, and a former member of ASTM
Sharing knowledge and understanding with the electrical community on Transformer LinkedIn Forum, and in Transformers Magazine from the first issue, in order to improve the insulating oil matters, especially DGA tests

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