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    How to Create Greater Transformer Operational Reliability

    | Free

    Hosted by: Transformers Academy

    Unplanned outages are not an option for power transformers.


    Join us on 2nd May 2024 Time 12pm EST/ 6pm CET and find out how to mitigate transformer failure and increase reliability, while addressing your sustainability needs on:

    The power sector faces unprecedented challenges. This plays a critical role in supporting the electrification of the industry but is reliant on its own modernization and aging infrastructure to meet growing demand.

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    In this webinar we will discuss:


    • The energy trends that are impacting power transformers.

    • What solutions are available to improve reliability and performance for aging and modern infrastructures, even in artic weather conditions.

    • What cost savings can be made by lowering Total Cost of Ownership, reducing the need for mid-life oil changes, and extending your equipment life with less failures.

    • How we can support you in reaching your sustainability goals with a readily biodegradable solution that is also recyclable


    Join our expert product applications specialist to hear how to create greater operational reliability for your transformers.

    About the author

    Ed van Schaik

    Shell (Projects & Technology), The Netherlands

    Product Application Specialist transformer oils

    Since 2002 at Shell with focus on Power sector

    IEC / NEC 10 member

    MT38 work group

    MT22 work group

    CIGRE work group

    Expert transformer oils (Global support team)

    Cesar Liczano

    Shell (Projects & Technology), Houston – Texas – USA, Product Application

    Specialist Power & Industrial

    Since 2010 at Shell with focus on Power sector & Compressors

    Participation in IEEE, CIGRE & ASTM

    PAS field and technical service support (STCH Houston)

    Expert in Gas Engines and compressors

    Expert in Transformer oils

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