E-lesson: Improving transformer performance with a new bio-based insulating liquid

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Join us in this lecture, where we will briefly introduce a novel biodegradable and sustainable insulating liquid and highlighting the benefits it can provide to power transformer performance.

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•  How you can increase the capabilities of your transformers while reducing the temperature and aging of your units.

•  How Nynas NYTRO® Bio 300X fits within the existing Nynas transform oils you use today.

Keywords: biodegradable, sustainable, transformer, insulating liquid, bio-based

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Carl Wolmarans, Nynas

Carl Wolmarans is a Technical Advisor for NYNAS specializing in insulating liquids for power transformers. Carl also has utility experience having worked for the power utility ESKOM is South Africa.  He is an active member of IEC TC10 and CIGRÉ D1 working groups. His research interests include dielectric performance, heat transfer and condition monitoring of power transformers. Carl Wolmarans has a BSC(eng) in electrical engineering from the University of Witwatersrand (Johannesburg).

Carl Wolmarans


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