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E-lesson: Introduction to transformers – e-lesson #3: The magnetic circuit

Course: Intermediate level

This is the third lesson of the Introduction to transformers course by Mr Orlando Giraldo, and also the first one to be hosted on the Intermediate level. Here you can save your seat for the live or on-demand event.

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In this lesson you will learn the following:

• The magnetic core
• Ferromagnetic materials used in transformer core manufacturing
• Magnetization and hysteresis curve
• Fundamental equation of transformers. Considerations.
• Design and construction of the transformer core
• Types of cores for distribution and power transformers
• Machinery to manufacture cores for distribution and power transformers
• Noise, magnetostriction, resonance
• Core losses (eddy losses and hysteresis losses) and separation method. Numerical examples.
• No load losses test in transformers. Circuit considerations.
• Procedure to calculate core losses for wound cores and for stacked cores. Numerical examples.

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Orlando Giraldo has acquired the title of electrical engineer from the Technological University of Pereira, Colombia, and finance specialist from the EAFIT University. He has worked for over 46 years of at different positions in the transformer-related areas in ABB (13 years), SIEMENS (14 years) and THE HJ FAMILY OF COMPANIES
(the last 21+ years) on: design, production, tests, sales, etc., of transformers and components. He has also completed multiple training visits to transformer and component plants around the world. Mr. Giraldo is a specialist in transformer production, componentsand protection. For the last two years, he has been working as senior consulting engineer of THE H-J FAMILY OF COMPANIES and teacher of Transformer course in the Technological University of Pereira.

Orlando Giraldo

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