L2 TCA - e-lesson #3

E-lesson: L2 TCA Course – e-lesson #3: Understanding Partial Discharge (PD)

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Partial discharge (PD) is one of the most deceptive and hard to pin point problems in an oil filled power transformer. A brief history of PD will be given and a good basic understanding of PD will be presented.  The test set (TP500-A) will be introduced and highlighted.

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In this e-lesson you will learn; the detectable clues to finding and locating PD. You will also learn about the electrical pulse of PD and how it correlates with the ultrasonic sound generated by the electromagnetic interference (EMI).  You will be introduced to the gold standard of test equipment for PD testing and Arc detection and location.  Lighting / Surge arrestor testing (on-line at full voltage) will be taught using the PD test set.

Keywords: Partial Discharge; Arcing; High Frequency Current Transducer (HFCT); Acoustic Sensor

Jon Giesecke

Mr. Giesecke is one of the world’s leading experts in combining technologies used in the in-service inspection of high voltage oil-filled power transformers and substation diagnostics. He has been training personnel worldwide in these methods for over 20 years with great success.

Prior to forming JLG Associates LLC in 2006, Giesecke was employed by EPRI Solutions as a senior project manager in the Substation Predictive Maintenance business area.

As a Senior Project Manager, some of his responsibilities included: the development and implementation of the Substation Predictive Maintenance Program (SPdM) at numerous electric utilities in the U.S. and abroad; Developing and Instructing an EPRI Solutions’ SPdM course; instructed portions of the EPRI Transformer Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics course and the EPRI Substation/Switchyard Predictive Maintenance course; Providing training, services and consulting to evaluate maintenance responsibility and advanced programs applied to switchyard/substation components.

Along with vast knowledge in transformer and substation diagnostics, Mr. Giesecke is an ITC level III thermographer has instructed at the FLIR ITC training center. He also served on the board of directors of the International Society of Professional Thermographers, Inc. (ISPoT), and chaired the ethics committee. He has over 20 years of experience in transformer/substation predictive maintenance and over 25 years in substation electrical maintenance. He was also responsible for PdM template development for fossil and nuclear applications. He has been instrumental in the data acquisition and analysis of data at many nuclear facilities, aiding the nuclear power industry in creating a timely response to INPO’s SOER 99-01 and 2002-03.

Jon Giesecke

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