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E-lesson: L2 TCA Course – e-lesson #8 – Vibration and sound analysis: Master’s level

Intermediate level: $290

Master’s level: $290

All levels: $490

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After the live event has been held, all of the lessons can be attended on demand.

This is the first e-lesson hosted on the Master's level of the L2 TCA Course. 

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What you will learn here:

  • Provide an understanding of Vibration Analysis used to determine the clamping pressures (tightness) of an oil filled power transformer
  • Frequencies used to determine looseness
  • Core form vs Shell form: determining where to take readings and the importance of follow up readings
  • Vibration Analysis of oil circulation pumps in the cooling system will also be provided
  • Ultrasonic (acoustic emission) analysis of transformer main windings and pumps/motors
  • Sound Level Analysis of oil filled power transformers and how the sound levels relate to core tightness
  • A weighting vs C weighting
  • Determining where to take the sound level readings

Keywords: vibration analysis, sound level analysis, frequency shift, core form, shell form, A weighting vs C weighting

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