L2 TCA Master's level lesson #9

E-lesson: L2 TCA Course – e-lesson #9 – Partial Discharge Detection & Analysis

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The content of this lesson is fully vendor-agnostic, but it is sponsored by SPECO. SPECO image - logo Determining Partial Discharge in oil filled power transformers is critical to the health of system assets. Depending on IR, visual and oil analysis leaves a big unknown that may allow the complete failure of a critical component. Here you can get the room link for the e-lesson #9 in the L2 TCA Course to learn more.

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You will learn the method for detection of partial discharge in oil filled power transformers. The PD-TP500A is the test set we will be using for the lesson.  This test set may be used for various other testing throughout the substation including arcing analysis on lighting / surge arresters.  A complete explanation of the testing process including sensor placement and signal analysis will be covered.

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