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E-lesson: Live Interview with Josko Papic, Head of QA at Končar D&ST

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Joško Papić, Head of Quality department at Končar D&ST, talks about the project of a 50 % increase in the capacity of distribution transformers testing station. Attend the live interview to know more.  

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Joško will tell us more about the ideas that were analysed and implemented in order to achieve the goals set; how they evaluated different measurement technologies, how they chose solutions and how they ultimately increased the testing capacity, while increasing the testing speed and accuracy, statistically reducing measured losses and PD and reinforcing their image as one of the best testing stations for transformers.

Končar D&ST is a manufacturer of distribution, specialised and small and medium power transformers. The company has recently increased the production capacity for distribution transformers by 50 % (from 6,000 to 9,000 units per year), and extension of the testing capacity was part of this bigger project. Such a significant increase in production requires an increase and optimisation of capacities in all business segments. Testing, as one of these segments, is particularly important, since it is defined by several factors (location of the testing station in relation to other production lines, type and characteristics of equipment, people, etc., and above all – safety). We’ll be discussing all these details with Joško.


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Born in 1986 in Zagreb, Joško Papić finished Bachelor’s Programme at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in 2008 and Master’s programme in 2010.

He finished Specialist Study in transformers at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in 2016.

As of 2011 he is employed at Končar – Distribution & Special Transformers, first as a test engineer in the Quality Control DT department, and since 2016 as Head of Quality Control DT. His tasks include handling customer claims and international nonconformities, as well as the supervision of the testing station and final control department work.

Joško Papić

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