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E-lesson: Live interview with Paul Griffin

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We are pleased to broadcast an interview with Paul Griffin, a retired diagnostics expert on transformers and the former Vice President of Doble Engineering.

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Paul will talk about his career experience, and some of the industry challenges over the past several decades such as static electrification, corrosive sulfur, partial discharge testing, sweep frequency response analysis, paper aging studies, on-line condition assessment, that represent significant advancements in the industry. We will also use this opportunity to ask Paul to give his industry-related recommendations and advice to engineers, chemists, and computer scientists who are starting out in our industry. What is our industry in store for in the next 10 or more years?

After the discussion, you will have the opportunity to ask Paul anything you would like to know about transformer testing and operation. We hope you will enjoy this e-session.


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Paul Griffin

Paul Griffin is a recently retired diagnostics expert on transformers and other electric apparatus. Formerly, he worked for Doble Engineering Company in various roles including that of the Vice President of Global Professional Services. He was responsible for materials testing laboratories, development of diagnostic test methods and application support. His experience includes 42 years of working with dissolved gas-in-oil analysis.

Paul Griffin

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