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E-lesson: New challenges in instrument and distribution transformers

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Challenges in the instrument transformer industry from manufacturer’s perspective and new voltage regulation flexibility in distribution networks.

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This e-session is divided into two parts, covering field of instrument and distribution transformer industry. In the first part you will gain an overview of the current trends in instrument transformer industry, with a focus on conventional paper-oil technology and its future benefits and extension of use. Second part covers voltage regulated distribution transformer (VRDT) and new generation of on-load tap-changer (OLTC) with vacuum technology. The attendees will have an opportunity to learn about emerging technologies in instrument transformer industry and new voltage regulation flexibility in distribution networks.

Keywords: instrument transformer, safe operation, sustainable technologies, distribution transformer, voltage regulation, DG integration

Igor Žiger

Igor Žiger

Končar – Instrument Transformers Inc.

Igor Žiger is employed in Končar – Instrument Transformers Inc. as an electrical design and R&D engineer. His current role is managing electrical design department for all high voltage products and research and development. He holds a PhD degree in electrical engineering, as well as a specialist degree in transformer design, with a primary focus on electromagnetic simulations and design optimization.

Stipe Mikulić

Stipe Mikulić

Končar D&ST Inc.

Stipe Mikulić is an R&D engineer in Končar D&ST Inc. responsible for electromagnetic field simulations and new products development. Since he has more than 12 years of experience in the transmission and distribution network development, he has deep knowledge of transformer as part of the power system, upgraded with manufacturer perspective.

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