OLTC Course - e-lesson #5

E-lesson: OLTC Course – e-lesson #5 – Testing resistor type on load tap changers

Course: Intermediate level

Testing resistor type on load tap changers

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In this lesson you will learn about:

  • purpose of the test/reasons to perform diagnostics
  • Dynamic Resistance Measurement: history, testing, procedure
  •  good and bad examples of test results

Keywords: dynamic test, diagnostics, resistor OLTC, transformer

Raka Levi

Dr. Levi spent his entire career in diagnostic testing transformers and other substation apparatus, while the last 15 years dealing with tap changers. He is senior member IEEE and vice-chairman of the working group for revision of Guide for testing power transformers. Raka Levi consulted clients on all 5 continents in the field of condition assessment and substation monitoring.

Raka Levi

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