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E-lesson: OLTC Dynamic Testing Guide – live talk with Dr. Raka Levi

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Following the release of our new book, OLTC Dynamic Testing Guidewe are pleased to announce a live event with the book author, Dr. Raka Levi, that will take place on Thursday, April 22, 2021.

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OLTC Dynamic Testing Guide is probably the first vendor agnostic book on OLTCs. The book incorporates Dr. Levi’s knowledge and experience collected throughout his professional career. If you are interested in the most recent practical OLTC diagnosis on the field, you will find Dr. Levi’s book a unique source of practical cases and an outstanding compilation of field experience and countless onsite tests over many years.

Join the live event with Dr. Levi at which he will share the most recent practical OLTC diagnostics and technology!

Enjoy reading!

Raka Levi

Dr. Levi has spent his entire career dealing with diagnostic testing of transformers and other substation equipment. For the past 15 years, he has also been focusing on tap changers. He is an IEEE senior member and vice-chair of the working group for revision of the Guide for testing power transformers. Raka Levi consulted clients on all 5 continents in the field of condition assessment and substation monitoring.

Raka Levi

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