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E-lesson: Online Assessment and Management of Water in Transformers: e-lesson #3 – Transformer dehydration process monitoring

This is the third e-lesson in the course authored and hosted by Oleg Roizman, at the Transformers Academy. The course is intended for those working in the asset management of an electrical plant, in project management, and design of high voltage substations.

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Join us and learn about the following:

• Methods and equipment for online moisture dehydration
• Industrial adsorbent materials and their use for moisture dehydration
• Mobile dry-out systems monitoring and control
• Self-dehydrating breathers – first line of defence
• Permanently connected oil dryout machines and its continuous monitoring
• Case studies
• Your Questions Answered

Keywordsmoisture in transformers, water activity, moisture sensors, moisture cloud, oil quality, dehydration machines

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Oleg Roizman

Dr. Roizman is a founder and Managing Director of Intellpower Pty. Ltd. in Australia, an engineering consulting and services company with emphasis on continuous online monitoring and diagnostics of power transformers.

Having over 30 years of experience, Oleg is world renowned for the development of intelligent solutions for power electrical engineering in the field of diagnostics, monitoring and life management of electrical plants.

Dr. Roizman has a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Economics (Hons.). Oleg is a sought-after speaker, educator, a member of IEEE Transformer Committee, a member of various CIGRE working groups and has written over 30 technical papers.

Dr. Oleg Roizman

Intellpower Pty. Ltd.

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