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E-lesson: Round Table: Special Transformers

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In this session we will share our special transformer experience, discuss changing trends, new trends and R&D structure in transformer business. Here you can save your seat.

See the real-time transformer testing using augmented reality equipment!

BEST and TA team will use will use augmented reality glasses in order to bring you directly to a transformer on-site testing, no matter where you are.

Don't miss out on this opportunity – come and experience our first virtual on-site testing.

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Every transformer is specially designed according to customer’s specifications, although special transformers need extra expertise, diligence, and accuracy in the sector since they generally have to deal with severe conditions.  In this session BEST presents their special transformer portfolio, and how they use their 56 years of expertise for such tailor-made transformers by balancing the load flow in power lines, cleaning the grid from harmonic, making grid more efficient with reactive power balance, supplying reliable and continuous power to steel melting plants, connecting countries grid to each other, and letting operators control the flow with efficiency and quality.

The discussion will also include:

·         An outlook of the customer requirements and how they changed due to pandemic

·         Attendees will get insight into the new trends in the customer demands and the sector

·         The current state of the R&D structure in the transformer industry, and the expectations of the sector from its R&D

Keywords: special transformers, remote test, new trends, customer demands

Merter Berber, BEST transformers

Merter Berber


Sales Department Manager: Electrical Engineer, Graduated from Istanbul Technical University in 1997, having BSc degree in Electrical Engineering. Working in BEST TRANSFORMER since January 2020 as Sales Dept Manager covering both export and domestic market.

Mahmut Aksoy, BEST transformers

Mahmut Aksoy


Design Analysis and Development Manager: Electrical Engineer, Graduated from Istanbul Technical University in 2003, having BSc degree in Electrical Engineering, MBA from Bilgi University in 2012 . Working in BEST TRANSFORMER since May 2008 as Design & Development Department Manager.

Ahmet Kerem Koseoglu, BEST transformers

Ahmet Kerem Koseoglu

R&D Manager: MSc. Electrical engineer, working for Best Transformers since 2011, having his PhD degree in Cantabria University.

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