E-lesson: Strategic sourcing for power transformers – e-lesson #2: Power transformer sourcing strategy development

Course: Intermediate level
This is the second lesson in the entire course and the first conducted on the Intermediate level. Here you can save your seat.

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Gain understanding to apply the sourcing methodology. Compile a power transformer fact base, by clearly understanding the dynamics of this category from the market, the supplier, and the buyer’s perspective to reduce the total cost of ownership over the commodity lifecycle.

Learn to develop the best fit power transformer sourcing strategy, which will help achieve the lowest total cost of ownership over the lifecycle of the asset.

Upon the completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • evaluate the requirements for strategy development
  • create an internal and external profile for strategy development
  • develop the strategy for power transformer sourcing.

Keywords: sourcing strategy, evaluation requirements, sourcing methodology, commodity sourcing, commodity life cycle

Niël Malan

Niël has 24 years’ experience in Electrical Engineering, Commercial and Supply Chain in the utility industry across Generation, Transmission and Distribution.  He led and implemented successful strategic sourcing methodology for the Power Transformer Category on group level, securing strategic partnering with global Transformer manufacturers, to secure supply for best transformer technologies and optimized total cost of ownership.

Niël Malan

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