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As previously announced, Transformers Magazine is preparing a global research with the aim of gaining a deeper insight into the current situation and future trends across the value chain (transformer materials and components, manufacturing, operation, applications, etc.) in our industry. The research questionnaire has been drafted, but before we proceed any further, we would like to share all details that will be analysed in order to make the report a reliable source of information for you.

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We are going to present the draft research in a Transformers Academy workshop. We highly encourage you to join this workshop if you are interested in getting answers to questions such as:

Is it likely that people will buy your product based on new materials or a new technology?
What are the key challenges in the grid that have an impact on transformer requirements?
What should be the focus of innovations in the transformer industry in the next 5 years?
Which technologies for transformer components will have priority in the future?
What is the level of acceptance of digital tools, communication, artificial intelligence etc. in our industry?
How important are biodegradability, oxidation stability, fire safety, heat transfer and cooling performance of insulation transformer fluids, including re-refined oils?
What will be the preferred lifetime of transformers in the future?
How important are sustainability and circular economy?
What should we focus our efforts on in order to improve sustainability?
How do people perceive green or eco transformers?

These are only some of the questions that will be answered based on this research. If you are interested in hearing the answers, please join our workshop and find out the answers to all other topics that will be addressed in this research.

Mladen Banovic

Dr. Mladen Banovic is the Editor-in-Chief at the Transformers Magazine. Prior to this, he managed the development of transformer insulation up to 1200 kV in ABB, he provided trainings to transformer OEM and utility staff, an he developed automated transformer design, testing, diagnostic and monitoring systems, etc.

Dr. Mladen Banović

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