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Insulation systems

E-lesson: Transformer enhanced performance through innovative insulation systems

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The session reviews current needs in distribution and power transformers and give examples on how the transformer performance can be enhanced with the advanced insulation systems.

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In this e-lesson you can learn how the transformer performance can be enhanced with the advanced insulation systems.

Aramid insulation continuously finds its applications in the most critical special applications like railway on-board transformers or demanding wind energy step-up applications. The latest developments for the largest offshore wind turbines for increasing voltage levels up to 66 kV and beyond confirm this. But there is a variety of applications at power distribution companies or at distributed generation sites that look for increasing flexibility of loading in distribution transformers or suitability for more and more strict regulations. Advanced insulation systems can help here. They may not use the common high temperature insulation materials, but rather solutions more adjusted for fine optimization of transformer designs. Finally, there are new developments in power transformers aiming at improved safety and resilience of power grids. Development of insulation systems for these transformers filled with ester liquids will be described.

Keywords: aramid insulation; offshore wind energy; improved overloading capability; design optimization; grid resilience


Radoslaw Szewczyk


Radoslaw Szewczyk received his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Lodz University of Technology. He works for DuPont™ Nomex® Electrical Infrastructure as a transformer expert. With his background of a design engineer, he supports transformer developments with application of Nomex® insulation materials. He is a member of IEC, IEEE and CIGRE working groups.

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