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E-lesson: Transformer Oil Course – e-lesson #5 – Condition monitoring of oils in transformer service

Course: | Free Intermediate level
The lesson will be dealing with condition monitoring of mineral oils after filling in transformers and energizing. Here you can get your room link.

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The lesson will discuss the significance of condition monitoring especially for EHV and UHV power transformers. It will deal with critical parameters that require monitoring and their significance. The limits for critical parameter set by IEC standard IEC60422-2013 will be discussed along with consequences if the limits are allowed to cross. Author will talk about the recommended actions when critical oil parameters cross the set limits.

IEC 60422 standard will be compared with IEEE 57.106-2015 standard and the key differences between the two will be discussed.

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Keywords: condition monitoring, IEC60422, IEEE 57.106,2015, critical parameters, corrective actions, water, acidity, oxidation


Dr. Narasimhan is a Ph.D. in Chemistry with over 30 years of experience in Industrial R&D. While working as a technical director in a major oil company manufacturing transformer oils, he led project teams for developing and commercializing mineral oils for EHV applications and ester fluids. He is a member of several IEC and CIGRE committees dealing with transformer oils. He has several publications and patents to his credit.

CS Narasimhan

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