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E-lesson: Transformer Oil Course – e-lesson #7 – Gassing tendency, stray gassing and DGA

Course: Intermediate level

This is the lesson #7 in the Transformer oil course, authored and presented by Mr. C. S. Narasimhan. Here you can save your seat for the live or on-demand session.

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The lesson is conducted on the Intermediate level and after the live broadcasting, it stays available on demand. It is intended for utility engineers / chemists, transformer and oil manufacturers, students and faculty of educational institutes, oil testing laboratories, utility staff etc.

Learn the following:

  • definitions
  • test methods
  • Significance of data and interpretation for a transformer in operation

Keywords: transformer oil, testing, methods, gassing, DGA


CS Narasimhan

Dr. Narasimhan is a Ph.D. in Chemistry with over 30 years of experience in Industrial R&D. While working as a technical director in a major oil company manufacturing transformer oils, he led project teams for developing and commercializing mineral oils for EHV applications and ester fluids. He is a member of several IEC and CIGRE committees dealing with transformer oils. He has several publications and patents to his credit.

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