Transformer Specification course - e-lesson #3 - illustration 850 x 400

E-lesson: Transformer Specification course – e-lesson #3 – Transformer Special Technical Requirements based on the application

Course: Intermediate level

This is the first e-lesson conducted on the Intermediate level. The course in its entirety is authored and presented by Marcos Ferreira and Juan Albiger, but the presenter of this particular lesson is going to be only Mr. Albiger. Here you can get your room link for the session.

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In this lesson Mr. Albiger covers how the specifications should be prepared to get the right equipment and to get the technical understanding for any potential contract.

Main takeaways:

  • recommended reference drawings
  • design requirements
  • online monitoring devices, sensors & DGA
  • noise control
  • guaranteed performances
Juan Albiger 300 x 300

Juan Albiger

Juan Albiger is an electrical engineer with over ten years of experience in power transformer procurement process.
He is specialized in HV substation equipment: preparing technical specifi cations, performing factory inspections, and managing commissioning and maintenance.
Mr. Albiger is the Head of Department responsible for ensuring the procurement and commissioning of high voltage substation equipment, power transformers and reactors that are fi t for purpose.

Marcos Ferreira

Marcos Ferreira

Marcos Ferreira is an electrical engineer experienced in designing, managing, and coordinating projects relating to transmission, distribution, and
communications. He works on installation and replacement of HV substation equipment based on standard design including system protection and
commissioning. His areas of expertise also include interpreting and applying the National Electrical Codes (NEC) as a project manager (including scoping
a project based on PRD – Project Requirement Diagram, Chapter 9 Tables & Annex C), as well as maintaining and testing substation HV equipment
and providing technical support for planning and operation groups.

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