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E-lesson: Transformer Testing Course – E-LESSON #2 – Measurement of voltage ratio and check of phase displacement

Course: Basic level

This is the second e-lesson in the Transformer Testing Course at the Transformers Academy, hosted, authored and presented by Balazs Sztari.

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While the first e-lesson offered some basic information about standards, procedures and evaluation methods of factory acceptance testing of power transformers, in the second e-lesson you will have the opportunity to learn about definitions, test circuit requirements, procedures and results evaluation of voltage ratio and phase displacement measurement on transformers.

Keywords: power transformers, transformer testing, voltage  ratio measurement, turns ratio measurement, check of phase displacement 

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Balazs Sztari

Balazs is the head of Testing and Quality Control department at CG Electric Systems Hungary (formerly Ganz) who produces power transformers and rotating machines. He joined the company in 1999 after he graduated as electrical engineer in Budapest. Beside of factory acceptance tests, his team performs commissioning, diagnostics and R&D tests on power transformers and rotating machines. He is currently a member of Cigre A2.53 working group.

Balasz Sztari

CG Electric Systems Hungary

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