Transf. testing course - e-lesson #20 - 850 x 400 illustration

E-lesson: Transformer testing course – e-lesson #20: Mechanical tests of power transformers

Course: Master’s level

This is the lesson #20 in the Transformer testing course. Here you can save your seat.

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Mechanical tests, as tightness tests and tank deflection tests will be presented in this chapter of TTC, including the testing of auxiliary (control and protection) devices of transformer. The lesson details the IEC and IEEE standard methods and their acceptance criteria, and some practical advice as usually in the Transformer testing course.

Keywords: power transformers, transformer testing, mechanical test, tightness test, deflection test, check of auxiliaries

Balazs Sztari

Balazs Sztari graduated as electrical engineer in Budapest. Beside of factory acceptance tests, his team performs commissioning, diagnostics and R&D tests on power transformers and rotating machines.

He is currently a member of Cigre A2.53 working group.

Balazs Sztari

GANZ Electric

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