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E-lesson: Transformer Testing Lesson #14: Sound level measurement

Course: | Free Master’s level

This is the 14th e-lesson in the Transformer testing course, in which you will learn about relevant standards, test and evaluation methods, and requirements of test equipment for sound level measurement of power transformers.

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In this lesson of the Transformer Testing Course, you can learn about the sound level measurement of power transformers. The presenter will speak about the measurement methods and standard references of this test. The details of required test equipment, the test procedure, the interpretation method, and fault cases will be shown in the presentation as well.

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Balazs Sztari

Balazs Sztari graduated as electrical engineer in Budapest. Beside of factory acceptance tests, his team performs commissioning, diagnostics and R&D tests on power transformers and rotating machines.

He is currently a member of Cigre A2.53 working group.

Balazs Sztari

Ganz Electric

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