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E-lesson: TXpert™️ Digital Distribution Transformer for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

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Many countries are very well placed to benefit from Electric Vehicles (EV). However, pressure would be highest at the lowest network level i.e at the LV distribution level as energy diversity in consumer groups at that level is the least and geographically, people with similar socio- economic grouping are present.

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This means there will be fast-growing clusters of the LV network where consumers are able to invest in EV’s. Here, a paradigm shift of the load profile on distribution networks is expected to take place upon full EV penetration. However, limiting EV penetration is not an option for the utility or the government as the push for green energy gains momentum. The development of supporting technologies such as the distribution transformer for EV charging is also very urgent. Any distribution transformer failure due to EV charging would be a severe blow to EV adoption.

ABB has developed the world’s first digital distribution transformer to meet the evolving needs of today’s grid with focus on EV charging. The TXpert digital distribution transformer measures, stores, and trends operating data and calculates transformer consumed life. It uses mature and reliable sensing technology with industrial computing components integrated directly into the transformer during manufacturing. TXpert increases LV network visibility, increases transformer optimized utilisation, provides accurate estimate of transformer retirement age. With added intelligence in distribution transformers, utilities can reduce operation costs, increase uptime, optimize maintenance, and avoid unplanned outages.

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Bhaba Das

Dr. Bhaba Das is the Lead Digital Business Developer based in Singapore for ABB Power Grids – Transformers for HUB (Asia Pacific Middle East Africa). Dr. Das currently spearheads the ABB Power Grids digital transformation initiative for transformers in the APAC region as part of the Application Engineering team. He possesses vast experience with a demonstrated history of research and innovation for the power industry:  smart transformers, arc fault protected kiosk, condition monitoring software, fibre-optic based sensors. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, Young Professional of IEC and has received the ‘New Zealand Young Engineer of the Year Award’ in 2017.

Dr. Bhaba Das

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